• hotel:(863) 227-80-46
  • restaurant:(863) 227-80-46
  • bath and pool:(863) 227-80-47
  • hammam290-89-30
  • hot line:8 (800) 350-03-45

Bellagio hotel has received four stars ★★★★!

On the 11th of April, 2016 by the decision of the accredited organization "Aciter" "Bellagio" park-hotel was awarded the "four-stars" category. It is a significant stage in the history of our complex. The official "four-stars" status is reflected in the high level of service in "Bellagio" park-hotel and allows it to enter the international hotel industry. It should be noted that quite a few hotels in Rostov get a "four-stars" category and Bellagio is one of them.