Ресторан "Белладжио" в Ростове-на-Дону

Restaurant in Rostov-on-Don

Bellagio" restaurant in Rostov-on-Don is a wonderful place for different events: marriages, birthday parties, festivities, graduation parties, business and romantic meetings, lunches and quiet dinners in the family circle. Are you looking for restaurant for a marriage? Do not know where to celebrate a birthday? Would spend your time with family and children? Give "Bellagio" a look-in, you must like it! 

There are two banquet room at your service. The "Mirror" room with the capacity of 100 persons, nice and cozy, convenient for marriage banquets and large-scale festivities. The "Hunter'" room with the capacity of 40 persons, convenient for birthday party, anniversaries and less huge events. The banquet room rent is not a problem anymore. We are always glad to offer all the best!

Mirror Room

Ideal banquet room for marriage! 

Could it be possible to imagine a good rest without tasty food or refined beverage? Of course not! That's why "Bellagio" restaurant offers you the best Caucasian, Russian and European dishes. Our cooks are real wizard! They specialize on cuisines of different countries and every day hone their skill offering to "Bellagio" guests only the best.  


Сapacity of a hall

Hunter Room

A good rest is impossible to imagine without tasty food and beverages. The "Bellagio" restaurant offers you the best dishes of Europe, Russia and Caucasus. 

Our cooks specialize on cuisines of different countries and waves. That's why we cook the best Lulah kebab in Rostov and other dishes on open fire, unusual Italian and French dishes, Don fish and banquet delicacies.  

Different events take place in "Bellagio" restaurant - from marriages and festivities, friend's meetings, graduate parties, lunches with important business partners and casual dinners to quiet family dinners and romantic dates. This is the place is liked by everyone. Not for nothing "Bellagio" is considered as one of the best restaurant in Rostov-on-Don.

Two winter rooms are at your disposal: ceremonial 100 seats "Mirror" room  and cozy 40 seats "Hunter" room.

Summer Terrace

A marriage or a party on the summer terrace near the swimming pool is unusual an romantic! 

The winter comes, the summer will return! Tired of stuffy restaurant, banquet halls and cafes. Do you want a party in the open air? Then, you will be welcome at "Bellagio"! There is one of the biggest summer terrace of the city in our hotel - 240 seats! There are tables on the terrace, under the beautiful tent, in the arbours and near the swimming pool alike. 


summer tent capacity


Our tent is decorated by beautiful tissue drapery, covered by carpet, got up by different compositions. Each table has a nice view on a beautiful little fountain. On a hot day we switch on outside conditioning under the tent, that will let you enjoy your party without inconveniences. A marriage near the swimming pool is splendid and romantic! The main advantage is such parties are always unusual and spectacular! Flower aroma, life music sounds, sunlights and blue glassy surface of the swimming pool - this is a great atmosphere for such a romantic and ceremonial day.  

Our advantages:

  • Spacious summer tent permits you to hold your party in the open air surrounded by verdure. 
  • You have a possibility to have a ceremony under the tent or near the pool.
  • For newly married celebrating marriage party at "Bellagio", the "Business Classic" room is on the house, the "Royal appartements" with the discount of 40% and a bottle of champagne with sweet compliment for free. 
  • You can have a nice photoset in the hotel and at the terrace. 

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